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10 Meals That Are Cheaper to Order in. Learn which dishes are more affordable in takeout form. By Danielle Page. Jul 1, 2013 Getty Images.

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Healthy Fast Food and Takeout. Satisfy your burger craving (and cut out almost 500 calories) by replacing the Whopper with a hamburger from the kids’ menu.. If you can’t omit the cheese, know that American cheese is the lowest-fat option, followed by provolone, with Swiss and Cheddar.

Eating out on diuretics. Here’s my list of the best restaurants for low sodium.The Best Friend’s Guide is an award winning blog where I help people who have liver or kidney disease.If you’re struggling with swelling, high blood pressure, or other sodium issues – I’ve got answers.. I have beat a death sentence away from my door with nutrition.. and I still eat pizza and barbecue.

Dining out on a low-carb diet presents different challenges with different cuisines. You are more likely to be able to stay within your eating plan if you do your research ahead of time and commit to selecting and requesting the lower-carb options. You may find new favorites and not miss the carb-laden ones you used to crave.

Next time you find yourself looking at a fast food menu, keep in mind these healthy takeout options so you don’t have to sabotage your healthy lifestyle with unhealthy take out options. Sammy Nickalls is the Content Manager at Inspiyr.com .

While many may assume this habit is contributing to our nation’s expanding waistline, the study actually revealed that people tend to consume healthier fare when bringing food in compared to dining.

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