Wrap Mortgage Definition

A wrap-around mortgage is a type of loan where a borrower takes out a second mortgage to help guarantee payments on their original mortgage. The borrower will make payments on both of the mortgages to the new lender, who is called the "wrap-around" lender.

A wrap mortgage, otherwise known as a wraparound mortgage, is a mortgage transaction where a lender assumes responsibility for an existing mortgage. Mortgage definition is – a conveyance of or lien against property (as for securing a loan) that becomes void upon payment or performance according to stipulated terms.

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The specific wraparound mortgage definition and terms are specified in the form of a secured promissory note. Because it can be tricky to wrap one’s head around the idea of "what is a wraparound loan," the following is an example: Mr. Homeowner recently listed his home on the market for $500,000.

Wraparound Mortages A form of seller financing, a wrap-around mortgage occurs when a purchaser makes payments on the previous owners’ debt as well as an additional loan that amounts to the purchase price. wrap-around mortgages are another popular option for financing in tough markets.

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A wraparound mortgage (also called a mortgage wrap) is a special form of seller financing. It provides property sellers and buyers with an alternative to the traditional property sale. These mortgages are a legal form of seller financing in Texas and are often favored in situations where a buyer may not be able to obtain a favorable form of.

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A wrap-around loan is a type of mortgage loan that can be used in owner-financing deals.

Multiple Mortgages On One Property If a property’s title has multiple mortgage liens and the loan secured by a first mortgage is paid off, the second mortgage lien will move up in priority and become the new first mortgage lien on the title. Documenting this new priority arrangement will require the release of the mortgage securing the paid-off loan. Assignment

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A wraparound mortgage is a type of junior loan which wraps or includes, the current note due on the property.